Too great, after all, I still have to estimate the face, but this time Yerkes chooses an assistant, and I also ask everyone to give it convenience. If this child can’t do it, immediately let the fire magic apprentice with the awakening magic talent come up.” Old magic scholar In the end, the decision was made.

The beautiful dividing line

I never thought that I would be talked about by the magicians in the laboratory as a topic, and someone would take me as a bet and win money.

I knocked on the door of Yerkes’ laboratory for a long time, and no one answered me, so I decided to push the door and walk in directly, and I found Yerkes sitting on the test bench next to the trash mountain. He buried his head deeply, and was carefully watching the magic lines on this metal plate with a magnifying glass. He didn’t seem to notice anyone coming in. I didn’t dare to disturb him, but he looked good, except 南京龙凤网 that there was a layer of black and gray on his face, and the magic robe was crumpled. It seemed that these were caused by the explosion in the morning Fortunately, people didn’t suffer any harm. It seems that his inconspicuous magic robe is still very defensive.

The room is even more messy.

I first organized the bookshelf, swept the entire bookshelf thoroughly, and carefully cleaned the dust on the magic book. At this time, the leatherwork that Uncle Fred taught me on the wasteland seemed very useful, because almost all of these magic books were made of magic parchment, which cannot be wiped directly with a wet cloth. Otherwise, the dust floating on the surface of the book will be completely stuck to the magic book. It will be extremely difficult to clean it up. You must use a dry feather duster to dust off the magic book, but it will get rid of it. The house was full 南京桑拿会所网 of dust, so I found a dry rag, wiped the books carefully a little bit, and sorted them out.

In the process of sorting out these magic books, I found that most of these magic books are books about magic inscriptions. These books are al


ee the world over there?”

I clicked Nodded, and then said to him: “But not 南京桑拿楼凤网 now, I have to go back to Juyan to pick up two teammates. They were slightly injured before, and maybe they are almost better now, waiting to take an adventure with us! “To be continued.

103. Rescue the Wounded

In the territory of Sroit Province, only the depths of the Purple Mountains can still have traces of Warcraft. If the adventure group in Slaughter wants to kill some monsters in 南京夜生活论坛 exchange for gold coins, there are usually three ways:

One, rush to Ziqing Mountain City, after some refurbishment, enter the depths of the mountains of the Ziqing Mountain, where you may find some monsters hiding in the mountains.

Second, go to Xinghai City, take a large sea boat in Xinghai City, and enter the northern part of the endless sea. The sea will always be the place with the most beasts, but sailing is more dangerous. Only those gamblers or desperados who owe a lot of debts Will make money in this desperate way.

Third, the last way is to cross the White Elephant River and enter the wasteland outside the northernmost territory of the Green Empire. You can walk north for ten days from here to reach the edge of the ice and snow tundra. There are many ice monsters living here, but The barbarians here are 南京桑拿按摩网 far more terrifying than Warcraft.

It is not an easy task for the adventure group in Slaughter to hunt the monsters. Therefore, all kinds of materials on Warcraft can sell for a good price in Sloit City. The northerners of the Green Empire especially liked eating meat. They believed that regular consumption of meat from the beasts could change the physique and make the entity stronger. Such a hobby 南京桑拿会所 made the fresh meat of the beasts have a market in the north.

The students of Ayr City War College, some children from aristocratic families, often see some exquisite dishes made of precious beast meat on the table. The value of these saber-toothed tiger meat is passed down from their mouths. Ordinary children, when they hear tha


een carrying the emerald green longbow, if it weren’t for her to rescue me from the injury yesterday, I don’t know if I can stand here at this time!

The first words Yingli saw when I saw me was: “I was rushed home by the elders of my family last night, and I couldn’t say goodbye to you!”

“What does it matter? Yesterday was a bit too late, I didn’t know you had No injury!” I took the initiative to pull Yingli’s hand, but Yingli shyly hid it behind his back.

“It’s on the street!” Yingli’s face became extremely ruddy. She glanced at Fat Bobby with a shame, and then gently nodded at him. Bobby just stood there and smiled stupidly.

I want to buy a gun with a magic stimulating device and a dedication magic robe that can increase the casting speed. I 南京桑拿会所网 think it’s a little slow to cast the ice shield, and the defensive ice shield cannot keep up with my own rhythm. I just thought of buying a better magic robe to increase my spellcasting speed, but I walked through several magic shops in a row. They were all magic robes that looked exquisite, embroidered with exquisite gold embroidery, but inside the magic robe The magic pattern of the lining is more or less flawed, but due to the exquisite fabric of the magic robe and the exquisite workmanship, the price is extremely high, which is not what I like.

There are only eight gold coins in my purse. It seems that even buying a dedication suit is reluctant, and there is no money left to buy magic firearms made by dwarves. This makes me hesitate and touched the crazy alchemist several times. After thinking about the magic pocket that I 南京龙凤网 left, I decided not to use the money in it. The money in it, some precious magic materials, notes, etc., and I have to find time to share it with Yingli and the others. I don’t want to take it out at this time.

Maybe it’s because I saw that I went to a few shops and the magic robes I saw were extremely expensive. I kept picking and choosing, hesitating, and couldn’t decide which one to buy. Bobby thought it might be. The g


from Moraya. The only possibility was the tone she heard from the tauren Luca, I thought to myself that this stupid bull really has a big mouth.

Tracy wore a silk nightdress, and occasionally the nightdress was attached to her body, and her beautiful figure was visible. She supported her elbows on the writing desk and looked at me expectantly with her chin resting on her hands.

I shook my head and said very firmly: “No.”

“Why not?” Tracy’s eyebrows stood up immediately. When she was angry, it was easy to recognize. At this moment, she was on the verge of anger. When she was in a bad mood, The eyebrows were slightly erected, and the smooth forehead wrinkled 南京夜生活论坛 and looked a little cute.

“Danger.” I said in a low voice, cherishing the words like gold, and I was also worried that the quarrel would be heard by Fanny and Ryant downstairs. After all, we were only separated by a wooden floor.

“Isn’t it more dangerous if you just take Luca, don’t you need me to protect you like a magical apprentice like you without the power of a chicken?” Tracy widened his eyes and assumed a sister’s posture .

Well, I admit that she has had the majesty of her sister recently. From the time she washed my smelly socks, I felt that I couldn’t argue with her.

“Although I was invited to be an eagle, I have no right to invite you. I am just a newcomer. Maybe next year I will be eligible.” I explained patiently, but before I finished speaking, I was asked by Tracy again. interrupt.

She stretched out a hand to hold my shoulder and asked me to face her. I accidentally saw the two bumps on the grave under her silk pajamas. I quickly turned my eyes to the corner of the wall, and stopped talking halfway through. On the contrary, Tracy didn’t care, chasing my gaze and said to me: “I don’t want to join the eagle. If the eagle is so good 南京桑拿会所 to join, the city will be full of eagles. What are we doing hiding in the city? Kill it.”

“You are a weak and single-body magic apprentice. Of course, you have to bring your own sergeant to j


bunker wreckage. Then he pointed to his eyes and explained his findings. Something.

“It’s true that you said so.” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix looked at the scenery in front of him. If you don’t pay attention, you really can’t see the 南京桑拿网 difference in this lush forest.

“That’s why I asked how big the largest aerial bomb of the Soviet Union is.” He Tianlei pointed to the small depression in front of him. “For such a big crater, at least a 000kg-class aerial bomb can be exploded!”

“The Soviet Union does have a 000kg-class aerial bomb, but I think the crater was not caused by a Soviet aerial bomb.” The Great Ivan did not know when he squatted beside the 江苏桑拿论坛 motorcycle again, “Or, at least not The Soviet aviation bomb was directly exploded.”

“Could it be that a German aviation bomb could blow it! It’s really possible!” Nanjing Longfeng reacted halfway through, where is it? This is the German ammunition depot!

“At that time, an Il-2 assault aircraft could carry 20 such .5 kg anti-tank bombs, which was enough to form a deadly hell on its 南京夜网论坛 flight path. So the Soviet Red Army called it an air tank at the time.

” The Germans call it Black Death” Nanjing Longfeng muttered.

Big Ivan stood up and nodded, “Yes, without this kind of little guy, Il-2 is definitely not the best ground attack aircraft in World War II.”

“So you mean to say, this big scary The crater was actually this kind of small aerial bomb that detonated the German ammunition depot?” He Tianlei 南京夜生活论坛 asked after returning.

“This kind of small bomb can’t destroy this kind of concrete bunker.”

Big Ivan walked a few steps along the sawdust under his feet to the center of the crater. “And if the detonation is an ammunition depot, the hills of terror will be destroyed. It’s smoothed out.”

“Can we not sell Guanzi?” He Tianlei said helplessly.

“What he meant was that the detonation should be a transport vehicle that came here to transport ammunition.”

“To be precise, it should be a transport vehicle full of various shells, and possibly even a t


he gun is the presiding judge.”

“Let’s talk about the situation here.” Nanjing Longfeng , who was walking at the end, let go of the accelerator and lowered the distance to the vehicle in front.

“The main danger here comes from poachers and those who dig mammoth ivory. This season happens to be when they enter the arena. Of course, they don’t mind being a guest robber, so if you encounter someone blocking the way, you’ll either drive over or early. Shoot a little warning.”

“No one cares here?” Liu 南京桑拿论坛Xiaoye, who had been listening to the excitement, asked curiously.

“It can’t be controlled, the local aborigines have their own rules, and the scope of local police power is limited to those gathering areas.” Da Ivan said with helplessness, “The Soviet era was fine, but after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, because of the federal control. Decline, the cost of crime here is very low.”


“This is a barren land,” Nanjing Longfeng sighed.

“It’s true. Even many people in Europe refer to the output here as “Siberian products”. As for whether it comes from the Pul River or the Lena River, the ghost cares.”

While talking, the Great Ivan turned around, “If the navigation If you

’re right, driving straight along here is the barracks.” Under the leadership of the Great Ivan, five vehicles took nearly an hour to pass through a coniferous forest and finally saw the so-called Abandoned barracks.

This barracks was built at the foot of a snow-covered hill. On top of the gravel, there are two reinforced concrete buildings with doors and windows removed. The symmetrical architectural style of these buildings can be roughly seen. Perhaps Stalin was still alive when it was built.

The two 南京桑拿会所网 buildings are distributed in the shape of “eight” in front of the building at the foot of the mountain is an extremely flat square. Had it not been for a three-meter-high statue of Lenin and a broken iron flagpole in the middle of the two buildings, it would be hard to imagine that Soviet soldiers were station


e charge, and it supports mobile phone viewing.”


“That’s okay?”

Nanjing Longfeng was dumbfounded to see that the young stall owner turned on his mobile phone and connected the camera proficiently, and then turned on the camouflage pole. Good back cover, no wonder this wooden sculpture is so heavy, there are several turns of 18650 rechargeable batteries in this back shell like a drum!

Carved wooden screen that pointed to the center of the stall and fast chip inside the phone screen display introduced:. “He can detect a fire, whether the fire or wood carving itself around him to fire can be detected and remote alarm”

“are How to sell it?” 南京夜生活spa论坛 Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix asked when returning the two wood carvings to the booth.

“One hundred thousand rubles for cherry wood, the cheap one is 21,000 rubles.” The

stall owner didn’t even think about it. “These are all made by myself, and even the cheap version 南京桑拿会所网 made of birch is carved from a whole piece of wood, so The price is not high.”

“How about 20,000 rubles?”

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix pointed to the wooden sculpture that the stall owner had just opened. “I want this cheaper.”

“Deal!” The

stall owner helped Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix quickly. Wrapped the birch wooden American national emblem in newspaper and installed the charging cable. When receiving the money, it even included a sentence, “British must be crazy with jealousy, right?”

“Haha! Indeed! I want to hang it up In the office.”

After tacitly playing around, Nanjing Longfeng first connected the woodcarving monitoring function with his mobile phone after returning to the camp, and then fixed it on the emergency hatch 南京桑拿按摩 of the RV.

The busy night was over. The next morning before it turned on, the three Taitola moved to the 南京桑拿夜网 entrance of the trading market farthest from the shooting range under the command of Vika. To this end, the Great Ivan also paid an additional exchange fee of 10,000 rubles.

“Well, gentlemen, our customers will be coming in at most an hour.”

Vika deliberate


the remaining remains, you know that this must be a battle sleigh that fell into the lake. The Soviet Red Army used this thing to start transportation business on Lake Ladoga in the winter of late 1941 to early 1942.


With the arrival of the ice in the spring of 1942 becoming thinner and thinner, even this kind of battle sled, which persisted to the last minute due to its light weight and fast speed, had to transfer the heavy task to various armed ships.

When the ice of Lake Ladoga gradually thaw in the spring of 1942, it was also the time when Leningrad’s most difficult and lack of clothing and 南京夜网 food was most likely to be overthrown by the stalker and shameless German army.

According to this speculation, the reason why this batch of gold and the books and papers that may be ancient books were loaded on a battle sled and transported to the port of Kobona on the other side was probably because before the arrival of the spring of 1942, the Leningrad command was pessimistic. Decisions made under.

On the other hand, they are 南京楼凤论坛 defending Leningrad, and they are also prepared to leave no valuables to the other party even if the war fails!

In other words: “Even if I die, you don’t want to inherit my flowers!”

Regardless of what the Leningrad command thought at the time, returning to the bottom of Lake Ladoga, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix continued to fight without giving up. The remains of the sled were 南京夜网论坛dug down for more than ten minutes, until the tip of the shovel touched the decaying chassis of the battle sled, and the excavation stopped disappointingly. It seemed that these boxes were all.

He threw the skeleton and some remaining bones into the net bag. Nanjing Longfeng finally glanced at the messy bottom of the lake before turning off the automatic exhaust of the diving suit and slightly 南京桑拿网 opening the intake valve. . This wave of operation is definitely not formal, but he is not a professional diver. Anyway, as long as the ascent speed does not exceed 10 meters per minute, there is no much danger


wned, Ba In Russian folklore, Bayaga is a witch who specializes in eating children. At the same time, she is also a shadow of many Russian children’s childhood. It is not known whether this includes the Great Ivan.

“Should we go and bring that hound back?” Big Ivan asked at the salted fish who was feeding the cat.

“Lead the way.” The

latter indifferently took out three small fish from his pocket and gave them to the pet. Then he took out an Uzi submachine gun and a waist fixed with five 南京桑拿楼凤网 extended magazines from the backpack on the table. It was sealed in a large down jacket.

Big Ivan grinned, after all he didn’t stop the other party from being over-armed, “Asak, you and Haining stay in the hotel to protect the ladies.”

” Leave it to us . “

Assak and Heining silently took out their weapons and loaded them. These guns were bought by the Great Ivan from the local black market after 南京桑拿论坛 they arrived. They were originally intended to be used for self-defense, but they did not expect to be really useful. .

Under the leadership of the fat captive, the three brothers successfully found the Baba Yaga bar less than ten kilometers away from the hotel. If it weren’t for the fat man, they would never have imagined that this humble adult shop would hide under the feet. With a bar.

Walking down the dim 南京楼凤论坛 stairs to the basement, as a heavy iron door that is often seen in the air-raid shelter opened, the explosive music immediately filled everyone’s ears.

“It’s in that pink lighted house” the fat captive shouted almost with his throat.

The big Ivan winked at He Tianlei when he heard the words. The latter immediately took the prisoner to the stairwell. After a snorting that was completely covered by the 南京桑拿夜网 music, the fat man fell into a coma in the shadows. .

“If it weren’t for proper work, I must have a good night here.” Big Ivan said loudly, staring at the stripper who was fighting with the pole.

“As long as you don’t worry about Nasha’s gun fire, we can wait for you outside.” He Tianlei also responded


be qualified to pick and choose?

“The specific division of this gold mine will wait for my people to explore the site before making a decision.”

After speaking , Andre looked at the young people sitting at the corner of the conference table and said abruptly, “It’s better to use dragons and bears. Let’s mine this gold mine in the name of the club, Yuri, how about giving your club 5% of the gold mine revenue as an information fee?”

“If you have no comments, of course I am very grateful.” Nanjing Longfeng The person who did not fight or grab agreed, anyway, it was picked up for nothing, even if only 1% of the share was shared, he would not lose.

Seeing that the others had agreed to Andre’s proposal, Nanjing Longfeng and others got up and said, “We won’t participate in the rest of the matter.”

After leaving the conference room that had not been there long, Nanjing Longfeng and others returned to the first 南京桑拿按摩 floor. The rest of them enthusiastically bid farewell to those big guys who had gained a lot.

When Huo Heng, who was the last to leave, boarded the helicopter and disappeared from the end of sight, everyone who had almost laughed stiffly let out a cheer.

“Go! Let’s see how much we have gained this time!” Nanjing Longfeng waved his hand, and everyone ran towards the tunnel leading to the back mountain.

Nowadays, most of the various military equipment parked in the back mountain have been put on red plastic signs. On the sign, the name of the buyer who bought the World War II cultural relic and the traded item were written separately.

Vika wrapped his mink coat tightly, turned a few pages with a folder, and said as he walked, “In general, except for the T-72 tank, there is basically no military equipment 南京桑拿网 left here. The duplicated ones, especially RSO tracked trucks and semi-tracked motorcycles, only one of each remained as an exhibit, and the rest were replaced by rich collectors with various World War II equipment that we don’t

have. “The

big Ivan asked excitedly, he didn