e possibility of cooperation is not great, it can be used.

There is no new god in his team now. These monsters are actually lacking in interest in ordinary people. They definitely prefer to eat the new god, that is, the Darkside and the transformed steel bone trio.

In this way, as 南京桑拿楼凤网 long as the two tactics of driving tigers and wolves and dark Chen Cang are used, the goal of defeating the steel bones one by one can indeed be achieved.

“Put on the equipment, we are gone.”

Su Ming yelled to Diana, strangling and smelling more and more insects approaching here, and the delay was endless.

Barry has already taken the spacesuit. The equipment of Genesis can make people move freely in space. So Su Ming only needs to let the cloak pack a few people together, and then enter the state of magical invisibility. The land fought guerrilla in the ghost universe.

Just do it when he thinks about it. The cloak turned into a flying carpet. Several people in their spacesuits sat on it, and then the corners were rolled up like a burden. Amidst the numb screams of insects, they rose into the air and disappeared.

The space enclosed by the cloak is not completely dark. This kind of invisibility allows everyone to see the scenery in the surrounding universe while flying, as if every planet was stepped under their feet.

Light, darkness, and fiery red energy, everything converges in this new universe like splashed ink, and it looks very beautiful.

“Who shall we go to deal with first?” Popo asked.

“Steel 南京龙凤网 bone, he is best to deal with, and his mother box is very useful to us, of course, the premise is that after we defeat the steel bone, Orion can back brainwash him back.” Su Ming had a plan, the first goal It is to deal with steel.

As for why steel is the best to deal with, it’s because basically you don’t need to keep your hands when you fight with him.

Only half of the steel-boned head is original, and the other parts are full of metal, that is to say, just cut off his head and take it back.

Anyway, do

溧阳天都水会a bcd套餐

eroes did.

“Ahem, about my secret identity” Pim was still struggling in vain.

“Yes, I’ve been to the scene, and found that there are traces of something escaping into the sewer, green, and sticky.” Su Ming shook her hand up and down, comforting the family of the deceased.

Janet took out a small handkerchief from nowhere, and wiped her nose gracefully: “We also know that, so we have been looking for the monster’s traces along the sewer, but unfortunately, we can’t find it, oh oh oh”

“Secret Identity” Pim squatted down and drew circles on the ground with his fingers. 南京桑拿会所

“Don’t worry, the magic prince is one of the most powerful magic masters on earth. He must have a way to help you find the murderer of your father, and I will guide you on how to avenge you.” Su Ming smiled and patted Monak on the shoulder. , The tone was full of pride.

Monak’s smile froze for a moment, didn’t he say that he was going to deal with some god slayer? Why did you suddenly become a sewer monster?

But 南京夜生活spa论坛 seeing Janet crying so miserably, he didn’t raise any objections, but patted his chest to accept the matter.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten to give Su Ming a look. The cost of co-authoring spells is not paid by him, and he commands people without any psychological burden.

“Huh, I thought the’magic’ in the code name of the Magic Prince was an adjective. It means wonderful and magical. 南京龙凤论坛 Is there really magic?” Janet’s attention was diverted. She didn’t notice the frustrated skin bending forward. Hm.

This is indeed the case in the old newspapers, Namor’s face is just covered, and the government has been silent on all aspects of the magic prince’s abilities.

They cannot let the people know about the existence of the magical world, because the power beyond common sense will make a huge change in 南京桑拿会所网 social class, shake their rule, not to mention, it may explode into hypothesis and chaos.

So although Monak had a face in the photos in the news, it was either in the corners or on the edges, and the deeds were also menti


gled it up.

Spit out a nebulous smoke, insects only spoke and said: “Do not dispute this matter, and the fate of our own choice, Ago motorcycle, even if you feel some dissatisfaction by human calculation, and do 南京夜生活论坛 not quarrel here.”

Austrian Shu Tuchao Agomoto made a look, and the future has been clearly seen, don’t let the trivial things happen.

Agomoto took a deep breath, looked at the death knell again, and said angrily: “I’m going to deal with Fatalis and the others.”

After speaking, the silver giant flew out of the Three Saints and slammed into the Black Dragon King with a shoulder-to-shoulder attitude.

Agmoto’s body is not as big as the black dragon, but he clearly has the advantage. Fataliston fell into a disadvantage when he was caught, and the silver flame naturally restrained it. There was another hug and kick, and there came the shaking of the mountain and the screams of Fatalis.

Speaking of the human incarnation of Agomoto is the first generation of supreme mage on the earth, he still had 南京龙凤论坛 long flowing hair at that time, and later he returned to the throne and formed the Emperor Weishan with the other two. He became bald and stronger. , Now the way of fighting is the same as that of wrestlers, no magic is needed anymore.

“Great God Hoggs, what are you smoking?”

Agomoto was stunned, and had to find the steps by himself, but Su Ming seemed to be okay, and he had already moved to the caterpillar.

He landed on the tens of meters high smoking jug, and watching the transparent jug at his feet seemed to have galaxies circulating, Hoggs opened his mouth and spit out a shiny galaxy, which was very interesting.

The big insect glanced at him with a smile, and the countless calves on his belly moved: “This is the manifestation of cosmic energy. Humans can’t enjoy this, but the things that humans can use are hiss~~~~fur~~ ~~” As

he said, he deliberately took a deep breath and breathed out a smoke ring at Su Ming. The surging energy was much stronger than Domam’s cosmic energy beam. T


ng a long line under the setting sun. The shadow implies the cruelty of war.

The corner of Su Ming’s mouth twitched, what did Wade do? It is a shame for mercenaries to not even hold 南京桑拿按摩网 their own weapons tightly.

But he seemed to have figured out something, and took a puff of smoke: “I am afraid that the immortal god will only come from

the’natural pathway’ for a while.”

“Natural pathway?” Namora tilted her head, she didn’t understand this. The meaning of the vocabulary, the doubt on the little face has not diminished at all.

Su Ming closed his eyes, squeezed out the 南京桑拿楼凤网 cigarette butt and put it away, sniffing vigorously.

“The more popular name is the intestines”

Hey ! It’s disgusting!” Namora’s face suddenly wrinkled, but when the disgust passed, she secretly chuckled, and the naturally black side appeared.

Thinking of Deadpool being excreted by the monster, she finds it funny for some reason.

“Ahem! Let’s just talk about business.” Monak coughed twice 南京桑拿夜网 and pulled back the topic. After the appearance of Deadpool, things tend to become irregular, which is not good: “The death knell, you actually know this Kind of monsters, right?”

Su Ming looked at the monster wandering in the rainforest through the bushes. It was about thirty meters tall and covered with white feathers. After eating Deadpool, it seemed that he planned to go back to sleep in his den.

“Ah, I know, 南京桑拿会所 there is only one monster on the earth, there is no kind of saying, it is called Chtylok, the product of the hybridization of beasts and gods.” Xiaoka

frowned, he took out his notebook, not understanding Just asked: “Teacher, we know the chicken basilisk. According to legend, it was a magic egg laid by a seven-year-old rooster when Sirius was in the sky, and it was hatched by a toad, but what is the chicken 江苏桑拿论坛 bull monster?”

Su Ming shook his head, he Sitting cross-legged on the ground, the thick humus is like a sofa. In fact, if you don’t consider the possible poisonous insects and odors, it is quite comfortable.

“This i


h me? , You and Kongzhen, as well as Uncle Fred and this family of people, the 南京夜生活论坛 living environment there will be better than this side. I also mentioned this matter with Kongzhen. You can come to the Imperial City to help me and wait for me Return to Haiyinsi City again. If you are willing to go to the imperial capital, you have to go with us.”

“Of course , if you want to stay and live in Haiyinsi, I happen to have some resources on hand to help you 南京夜生活spa论坛 open a magic room. A store, or a grocery store specializing in imported orc tribes. Of course you have other ideas. I have some spare money now, so I think it’s my venture capital.”

“Or, have you ever thought about returning to the north? Knowing that Uncle Fred’s hometown is in Sroit City, it seems that he has offended a certain nobleman there. If you head back to the north, I will help you settle this matter. We can ask that nobleman everyone Let’s sit 江苏桑拿论坛 down and talk. I know some very energetic friends in Slaughter. If they come forward to help us, there shouldn’t be any problem.”

Hearing these words, Uncle Fred fell into trouble. While he was thinking, he took a hard smoke, raised the pipe in his hand, and could not say a word for a long while.

17. The blessings of the wizards of

Jana. Prince James’ castle 南京龙凤论坛 in Haynes City is located on the southeast corner of Haynes City. Surrounding the castle is the largest wealthy area of ??Haynes City.

Haiyinsi City didn’t get dark as early as the imperial capital, before the red and red sun sank to the sea level.

Yingli and I took a boat and finally returned to Prince James’ castle in Hayes City. The butlers and servants in this 南京桑拿楼凤网 castle waited for a long time and saw Yingli and I cross the castle’s suspension bridge and enter the castle. Inside, at this time, the people in the castle breathed a sigh of relief. The butler and a group of servants stood at the gate of the castle, standing in a row to welcome us.

The stone steps of the castle were covered with a thick red carpet. Earl Retz and Jason


cy and said, “Let you invite Elendt over. Let’s have dinner together, what about the others?”

“He is on duty tonight.” Tracy said unconvincingly to Fanny’s question. 南京桑拿会所

She blew the bangs on her forehead and gave Fanny a guilty look.

“Hehe, can the patrol value not have to eat?” Fanny obviously didn’t intend to let Tracy go, so she questioned her.

In front of Fanny, Tracy, who has always been stubborn, looked like a lady.

Tracy rolled her eyes and said to Fanny: “Dinner is provided by the guards.”

She blinked at me, seeming to want 南京桑拿会所网 me to help her out. After knowing it, I immediately interrupted and asked: “Ai Lent’s military service is complete?”

Tracy gave me approving glances and said to me, “Well, I will return to Ayr in the summer, but he has joined the guard camp in Ayr.”

I wonder why Alante didn’t join. An excellent adventure group went out to experience, but joined the guard camp. I wondered to Tracy: “Why does he think so. Others joined 南京龙凤网 the guard camp to avoid going to the guard camp for three years. He joined at this time. What is the purpose of the guard camp?”

Tracy pursed her mouth slightly, and said helplessly: “I asked him the same way, and he told me: Someone must try to change, I don’t know what he wants to change. , I continued to ask him, but he refused to make it clear to me.”

I asked Tracy: “When are you going to have the wedding?” When

I asked, Tracy’s face was stained with a faint redness. Xia, with a shy look, bowed her head and said nothing.

Ryanter laughed and explained to me: “The two of them have always wanted you to come back to their wedding. They weren’t sure when you would return to El City, so there was no wedding ceremony, but since you’re back, then Just let Tracy and Ellente choose a date. ”

Unexpectedly, 南京桑拿夜网 they were waiting for me to come back. I looked at Tracy with a touch of emotion and found that Tracy has changed a lot recently and has become more and more active. Feminine.

Tracy teased the broken hair in her ears, but unfortunately he


he seemed to be about to collapse, without any confidence.

The magic pattern structure on the halberd shield is woven into a net in my spirit sea a little bit, becoming clearer and clearer. This is the first time I have seen three parallel core charms on a magic pattern structure. The magical powers of the core runes are preserved, and at the same time, the three runes are intertwined to derive new magical effects. The inherent magical effects should increase physical strength, increase the resistance of four elements of magic, and reduce magic damage.

In the most hidden corner behind this shield, I found a line of ancient elves carved here: Ancient Oath.

This side is almost the magic pattern-built shield that shield fighters dream of.

Just when I felt 南京龙凤论坛 that I had remembered all the magic patterns on this shield in my heart, I found that many Ghana people had gathered in front of this statue. These Ghana people stared angrily and were about to stick to the shield. Of me, those eyes are about to kill people.

I smiled at the Great Wizard 南京夜生活spa论坛 Zampra and quickly slipped off the halberd shield.

The Great Wizard Zampra took a deep look at me, then turned his head and said to Yingli: “I have prepared a dinner for the princess.”

The exit of this hero’s hall is directly teleported to the arch under the magic tower. In front of the moon gate, a group of us walked out of the moon gate and found that we had just walked out of the 100-meter stone steps of the magic high platform. The hot fire on the magic high tower outside had darkened a lot, and a group of silver armor 南京龙凤网 stood on the street. Guards of Jana, the number of these silver guards is obviously several times more than in the morning.

The silver guards saw us coming out of the magic tower library, as if they had been prepared, they quickly surrounded us.

In this way, he returned to the new home under the protection of hundreds of Jana guards from the Silver Guards.


The exit of this hero’s hall of casting shield was directly transmitte


quences of doing so will probably lead to the magician law enforcement group in the Qiyan City Magic Guild. I used the directional teleportation scroll this time when I was out of the city. This city does not It was too big, he tore open eight directional teleportation scrolls one after another, and came to the east gate of Qiyan City.

147. Magical Union of

Qiyan 江苏桑拿论坛 City Outside Qiyan City, dense forest

Kalantuo took 137 orc warriors into the rainforest outside the city.

I fetched a directional teleportation scroll from my magic pocket, unrolled the teleportation scroll, and chanted a short spell, a portal surrounded by electric arcs appeared in front of me.

The arc emits a dazzling white light in the dark night and connects into a light curtain.

I glanced at the bush where Kalancuo disappeared. Without hesitation, I took Katarina across the portal and returned to the east city of Qiyan City.

The portals filled with electric arcs are particularly eye-catching at night. The portals that appeared in the Dongcheng District of Qiyan City soon attracted the 南京桑拿夜网attention of the guard camp knights. The knight masters wore cans and leather armor and rode ancient Bo Laima, galloping on the open street, passed by Katerina and me.

They didn’南京桑拿会所网 t seem to want to interrogate us. They just checked the place where the portal appeared and found that nothing happened, and there were no traces of the battle, so they did not continue to investigate.

The way they were patrolling Qiyan City on horseback, looked majestic and majestic on such a moonlit night.

Back on the way back to Hollien Hotel, Catalina and I did not have the 南京桑拿会所 luxury of continuing to use the directional teleportation scroll. The stars in the night sky 南京夜生活论坛 retreated, and the sky showed a white fish. Seeing that the sky was about to light up, we decided to walk along the central avenue of the city. Go back on the pedestrian street.

The morning humidity in Qiyan City is relatively high, and the whole city is shrouded in a faint mist.

The sky is ge


of Magic.

Viscount Frank did 南京桑拿楼凤网 not appear to be surprised when he heard Lione say that I went to school at the Royal Academy of Magic. It seems that he still knows the situation of our family members. Probably Tracy and Elendt have said it before. .

Viscount Frank also thanked me for giving Arendt such a precious wedding gift. I know that Viscount Frank was referring to the bear power magic pattern made from the skin of the earth bear on Arendt. I don’t know when he learned In Tracy’s dowry there are also the Elune Star Necklace and a box of Barbarian’s left ears. What a shock on her face.

Next, Elendt and Tracy held a wedding ceremony in the hall, and a great priest in the temple presided over the sacred wedding ceremony.

We all sat on the benches under the stage to watch the ceremony, but some of the guests at Elendt’s house inevitably talked about it in private. They still felt that this was an unequal wedding, and couldn’t understand Elendt’s excellent work. The young nobleman, why would he marry a commoner girl without any family background, and Tracy is not that kind of beautiful girl, and her personality is not likable.

After the wedding ceremony was over, a grand dinner and dance party were held in the manor.

Yingli 南京夜生活spa论坛 sat quietly next to me, looking enviously as Elendt and Tracy danced on the dance floor under the gaze of relatives and friends.


held Yingli ’s hand under the table. At this moment , Yingli smiled softly at me.

287. The visitor wedding dinner in Lavenham City was held in the restaurant of the manor. Allente invited the most famous in Ayr. The five chefs in, have carefully cooked their best five dishes for us, and the waiters lined up to bring plates of exquisite dishes.

The wooden lid of a barrel of golden cider was broken open. The overflowing aroma and fragrant barbecue are the main theme of tonight’s banquet. It is worth mentioning that the last dessert served is a hot drink, which is very in line with the taste of the people in the north. .

As the mu


plied: ” Each crossbow arrow has two gold coins plus fifty silver coins.”

Earl Ryze sighed and said to me: “In this battle, every two giant crossbows shot by the barbarian warriors is equivalent to throwing out a magic spar. Even if they win, they are piled with magic spar. Get up!”

Then he said: “Have you ever thought that once you can’t win the battle, the giant crossbow arrows that you shoot can’t be recovered, you are equivalent to throwing a huge sum of 南京桑拿按摩网 money on the battlefield for nothing? How many battles can you afford to lose with the magic spar?”

Before I could answer, Earl Ryze said to me again: “Even if the Spider-Man Warlord is led out of the camp with half of the Spider-Man warriors, but ask me to estimate , There are still no less than two thousand spiderman warriors and tens of thousands of giant spiders in this spider camp. If once the spiderman 南京龙凤论坛 warriors persist until the spiderman warlord leads the army back to help, what are you going to do? “If

that’s the case, I will decisively withdraw back to the dense forest of Green Valley.” I turned my head and glanced at Earl Reyz, as the captain of a structured team in the Prince James’ Guards, and as a second-rounder. The strong, Earl Ryze’s rigorous attitude towards every battle I admire very much.

I 南京龙凤网 think maybe because this battle is joined by the two princesses, Li and Ledie, he will let him walk on thin ice!

I said to him: “Don’t worry! As long as there are ancient war trees and tree spirits help, those spider warriors don’t want to catch up with us easily. Even if the situation finally develops to that state, I am sure to escape back to safety. ”

Earl Ramirez frowning asked me:”? that magic 南京桑拿会所网 bolt shot out of those how are you going to do to get it back “?

“, etc., when the fate of the battle, it wants to win another one to come back! “I did not mind when he said.

Then he added another sentence: “But don’t worry! Since I have used the magic crossbow bolts, this battle is not so easy to lose.” When

I talked to Earl Ry