ights are also provided. When the meal is near, in addition to pitting 南京桑拿论坛 Asak here, it also pits everyone who is unlucky. The rest of them can also take turns in groups of four to use the kung fu of cooking for other captives to show off 南京夜网 activities, and even those with the courage can get a cigarette or two or a deck of playing cards from the big Ivan for pastime.

People from the Dragon and Bear Club have stayed here for nearly a week. The other tunnel exit that was blocked was dug up by He Tianlei a few days ago. Even in the past two days, he was in a panic and the surrounding accumulation. The snow and the dug out rubble are piled together to form a windshield with a camouflage function.

Except for He Tianlei, no one else was idle. Nanjing Longfeng had already made several phone calls with Valeria. In the end, the exact news given over there was that these tanks could be handled by themselves,南京楼凤论坛 but the ammunition was not allowed to move. After they left. Call Valeria and someone will come over and pull the ammunition away.

To put it simply, they can take as much as they can. If they can’t, someone will come to deal with it, as long as they don’t touch the ammunition and not ship it abroad.

Similarly, the Great Ivan has also negotiated terms with Andre. 南京夜生活spa论坛 After paying the price of one Spitfire tank and two T-72s, the remaining tanks and crawler transport vehicles will be taken by his men. Responsible for transportation back to the radar station on Lake Baikal.

At the same time, Andre will pay 300,000 US dollars as compensation for the purchase of tanks. The money is not much, but in general the club is not a loss.

In addition to contacting these two bigwigs, Assak also contacted Skoff who had sent his wife and children on the icebreaker hundreds of kilometers away under the instruction of Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix.

This part-time veterinarian’s reindeer dealer certainly couldn’t refuse the temptation of thousands of reindeer. Even if these reindeer were all the stolen goods that Nanjing Dr