e charge, and it supports mobile phone viewing.”


“That’s okay?”

Nanjing Longfeng was dumbfounded to see that the young stall owner turned on his mobile phone and connected the camera proficiently, and then turned on the camouflage pole. Good back cover, no wonder this wooden sculpture is so heavy, there are several turns of 18650 rechargeable batteries in this back shell like a drum!

Carved wooden screen that pointed to the center of the stall and fast chip inside the phone screen display introduced:. “He can detect a fire, whether the fire or wood carving itself around him to fire can be detected and remote alarm”

“are How to sell it?” 南京夜生活spa论坛 Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix asked when returning the two wood carvings to the booth.

“One hundred thousand rubles for cherry wood, the cheap one is 21,000 rubles.” The

stall owner didn’t even think about it. “These are all made by myself, and even the cheap version 南京桑拿会所网 made of birch is carved from a whole piece of wood, so The price is not high.”

“How about 20,000 rubles?”

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix pointed to the wooden sculpture that the stall owner had just opened. “I want this cheaper.”

“Deal!” The

stall owner helped Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix quickly. Wrapped the birch wooden American national emblem in newspaper and installed the charging cable. When receiving the money, it even included a sentence, “British must be crazy with jealousy, right?”

“Haha! Indeed! I want to hang it up In the office.”

After tacitly playing around, Nanjing Longfeng first connected the woodcarving monitoring function with his mobile phone after returning to the camp, and then fixed it on the emergency hatch 南京桑拿按摩 of the RV.

The busy night was over. The next morning before it turned on, the three Taitola moved to the 南京桑拿夜网 entrance of the trading market farthest from the shooting range under the command of Vika. To this end, the Great Ivan also paid an additional exchange fee of 10,000 rubles.

“Well, gentlemen, our customers will be coming in at most an hour.”

Vika deliberate


the remaining remains, you know that this must be a battle sleigh that fell into the lake. The Soviet Red Army used this thing to start transportation business on Lake Ladoga in the winter of late 1941 to early 1942.


With the arrival of the ice in the spring of 1942 becoming thinner and thinner, even this kind of battle sled, which persisted to the last minute due to its light weight and fast speed, had to transfer the heavy task to various armed ships.

When the ice of Lake Ladoga gradually thaw in the spring of 1942, it was also the time when Leningrad’s most difficult and lack of clothing and 南京夜网 food was most likely to be overthrown by the stalker and shameless German army.

According to this speculation, the reason why this batch of gold and the books and papers that may be ancient books were loaded on a battle sled and transported to the port of Kobona on the other side was probably because before the arrival of the spring of 1942, the Leningrad command was pessimistic. Decisions made under.

On the other hand, they are 南京楼凤论坛 defending Leningrad, and they are also prepared to leave no valuables to the other party even if the war fails!

In other words: “Even if I die, you don’t want to inherit my flowers!”

Regardless of what the Leningrad command thought at the time, returning to the bottom of Lake Ladoga, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix continued to fight without giving up. The remains of the sled were 南京夜网论坛dug down for more than ten minutes, until the tip of the shovel touched the decaying chassis of the battle sled, and the excavation stopped disappointingly. It seemed that these boxes were all.

He threw the skeleton and some remaining bones into the net bag. Nanjing Longfeng finally glanced at the messy bottom of the lake before turning off the automatic exhaust of the diving suit and slightly 南京桑拿网 opening the intake valve. . This wave of operation is definitely not formal, but he is not a professional diver. Anyway, as long as the ascent speed does not exceed 10 meters per minute, there is no much danger


wned, Ba In Russian folklore, Bayaga is a witch who specializes in eating children. At the same time, she is also a shadow of many Russian children’s childhood. It is not known whether this includes the Great Ivan.

“Should we go and bring that hound back?” Big Ivan asked at the salted fish who was feeding the cat.

“Lead the way.” The

latter indifferently took out three small fish from his pocket and gave them to the pet. Then he took out an Uzi submachine gun and a waist fixed with five 南京桑拿楼凤网 extended magazines from the backpack on the table. It was sealed in a large down jacket.

Big Ivan grinned, after all he didn’t stop the other party from being over-armed, “Asak, you and Haining stay in the hotel to protect the ladies.”

” Leave it to us . “

Assak and Heining silently took out their weapons and loaded them. These guns were bought by the Great Ivan from the local black market after 南京桑拿论坛 they arrived. They were originally intended to be used for self-defense, but they did not expect to be really useful. .

Under the leadership of the fat captive, the three brothers successfully found the Baba Yaga bar less than ten kilometers away from the hotel. If it weren’t for the fat man, they would never have imagined that this humble adult shop would hide under the feet. With a bar.

Walking down the dim 南京楼凤论坛 stairs to the basement, as a heavy iron door that is often seen in the air-raid shelter opened, the explosive music immediately filled everyone’s ears.

“It’s in that pink lighted house” the fat captive shouted almost with his throat.

The big Ivan winked at He Tianlei when he heard the words. The latter immediately took the prisoner to the stairwell. After a snorting that was completely covered by the 南京桑拿夜网 music, the fat man fell into a coma in the shadows. .

“If it weren’t for proper work, I must have a good night here.” Big Ivan said loudly, staring at the stripper who was fighting with the pole.

“As long as you don’t worry about Nasha’s gun fire, we can wait for you outside.” He Tianlei also responded


be qualified to pick and choose?

“The specific division of this gold mine will wait for my people to explore the site before making a decision.”

After speaking , Andre looked at the young people sitting at the corner of the conference table and said abruptly, “It’s better to use dragons and bears. Let’s mine this gold mine in the name of the club, Yuri, how about giving your club 5% of the gold mine revenue as an information fee?”

“If you have no comments, of course I am very grateful.” Nanjing Longfeng The person who did not fight or grab agreed, anyway, it was picked up for nothing, even if only 1% of the share was shared, he would not lose.

Seeing that the others had agreed to Andre’s proposal, Nanjing Longfeng and others got up and said, “We won’t participate in the rest of the matter.”

After leaving the conference room that had not been there long, Nanjing Longfeng and others returned to the first 南京桑拿按摩 floor. The rest of them enthusiastically bid farewell to those big guys who had gained a lot.

When Huo Heng, who was the last to leave, boarded the helicopter and disappeared from the end of sight, everyone who had almost laughed stiffly let out a cheer.

“Go! Let’s see how much we have gained this time!” Nanjing Longfeng waved his hand, and everyone ran towards the tunnel leading to the back mountain.

Nowadays, most of the various military equipment parked in the back mountain have been put on red plastic signs. On the sign, the name of the buyer who bought the World War II cultural relic and the traded item were written separately.

Vika wrapped his mink coat tightly, turned a few pages with a folder, and said as he walked, “In general, except for the T-72 tank, there is basically no military equipment 南京桑拿网 left here. The duplicated ones, especially RSO tracked trucks and semi-tracked motorcycles, only one of each remained as an exhibit, and the rest were replaced by rich collectors with various World War II equipment that we don’t

have. “The

big Ivan asked excitedly, he didn


ights are also provided. When the meal is near, in addition to pitting 南京桑拿论坛 Asak here, it also pits everyone who is unlucky. The rest of them can also take turns in groups of four to use the kung fu of cooking for other captives to show off 南京夜网 activities, and even those with the courage can get a cigarette or two or a deck of playing cards from the big Ivan for pastime.

People from the Dragon and Bear Club have stayed here for nearly a week. The other tunnel exit that was blocked was dug up by He Tianlei a few days ago. Even in the past two days, he was in a panic and the surrounding accumulation. The snow and the dug out rubble are piled together to form a windshield with a camouflage function.

Except for He Tianlei, no one else was idle. Nanjing Longfeng had already made several phone calls with Valeria. In the end, the exact news given over there was that these tanks could be handled by themselves,南京楼凤论坛 but the ammunition was not allowed to move. After they left. Call Valeria and someone will come over and pull the ammunition away.

To put it simply, they can take as much as they can. If they can’t, someone will come to deal with it, as long as they don’t touch the ammunition and not ship it abroad.

Similarly, the Great Ivan has also negotiated terms with Andre. 南京夜生活spa论坛 After paying the price of one Spitfire tank and two T-72s, the remaining tanks and crawler transport vehicles will be taken by his men. Responsible for transportation back to the radar station on Lake Baikal.

At the same time, Andre will pay 300,000 US dollars as compensation for the purchase of tanks. The money is not much, but in general the club is not a loss.

In addition to contacting these two bigwigs, Assak also contacted Skoff who had sent his wife and children on the icebreaker hundreds of kilometers away under the instruction of Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix.

This part-time veterinarian’s reindeer dealer certainly couldn’t refuse the temptation of thousands of reindeer. Even if these reindeer were all the stolen goods that Nanjing Dr


iercing sound of pneumatic horns, the drag truck pulled the rain-soaked SU152 slowly past the soldiers, and finally stopped under the temporary sky curtain 江苏桑拿论坛 set up in the middle of the training ground, while the soldiers lined up quickly. Gathered and stood outside the sky to form a square formation.

In the sky, several young soldiers worked together to unload the SU152 self-propelled artillery from the flatbed truck, and then carefully cleaned both sides of the turret.

“Wula! Wula! Wula!”

In the gradual and neat shouts of the soldiers, the side of the 南京桑拿楼凤网 turret was painted with red paint on the side of the turret with the “Patriotic Hero” and a golden five-pointed star.

“They will try to repair this self-propelled artillery units, if it has the opportunity to re-launch, perhaps to catch the parade next year. If it can not launch, later this will always put in the barracks.”

Range What did the brothers say, Valeria patted the back of the driver’s seat lightly, and the two cars quietly left the barracks and sent everyone from the club back to the nursing home.

“I have time to see Katya, she and her friends have always wanted to hear you tell stories.” Valeria said with a smile before leaving.

“No problem, we will make time to pass as soon as possible!”

Saying goodbye to Valeria who left in a hurry, Nanjing Longfeng and the others, plus Vika, who had 南京桑拿按摩 been waiting for a long time, got directly into Nanjing Longfeng’s RV, so it was safer to speak here.

“Vika, you rush back to Smolensk as quickly as possible.” The

Great Ivan finished speaking, and handed over a wad of dollars prepared in advance to Vika, who was heavily makeup, “tell old Anton, before Elena Both Nanjing Longfeng and Nanjing Longfeng once asked him to buy a collector-class Leica camera, but he did not agree.”

Vika squeezed the thick dollar, “Is there anything else? If not, I will leave now.

” Go ahead as soon as possible, and remember to make an excuse when you go to Old An Dong.” Nanjing Longfeng asked.

“Don’t worry!”




Luo Qiuはただ微笑んで、何も言わず、去る前に言った:さようなら。























同人は口を開いて自分自身につぶやきました:「いいえ、このスクリプトは正しくありませんか?」####### 南京夜网











「私はそれを楽しみに南京桑拿论坛 しています。」バーリーさんはこの時に手を振った。 江苏桑拿论坛。、すぐにゆうやを見て、また微笑んだ。「これは本当に未知のゲームです。これは、私のフォロワーがあなたのフォロワーに会ったら、私たちはチ





「私は注意を払います、 2番目のインストラクター。」ガンホンはうなずいた。






「彼らはすべて保護区のメンバーです。」ソン?エルはこの時点で無関心に言いました。「これから、彼らはあなたの管轄下になります。マスターは、あなたがこれらの保護区をあなたのものに持って来られることを願っています。 。あなたの故郷に行き、そしてそれからできるだけ早くそれを和らげなさ南京楼凤论坛い。」





















ここで、ボス?ルオとミス?メイドは、レイズの後ろにいる小さなサイレン、特にボス?ルオをとても楽しんで見ました。彼らは微笑んで言った、「心配しないでください、あなたの2人の姉妹は驚かないでください。、彼らはすぐにあなたのところに来るはずです。 。」