plied: ” Each crossbow arrow has two gold coins plus fifty silver coins.”

Earl Ryze sighed and said to me: “In this battle, every two giant crossbows shot by the barbarian warriors is equivalent to throwing out a magic spar. Even if they win, they are piled with magic spar. Get up!”

Then he said: “Have you ever thought that once you can’t win the battle, the giant crossbow arrows that you shoot can’t be recovered, you are equivalent to throwing a huge sum of 南京桑拿按摩网 money on the battlefield for nothing? How many battles can you afford to lose with the magic spar?”

Before I could answer, Earl Ryze said to me again: “Even if the Spider-Man Warlord is led out of the camp with half of the Spider-Man warriors, but ask me to estimate , There are still no less than two thousand spiderman warriors and tens of thousands of giant spiders in this spider camp. If once the spiderman 南京龙凤论坛 warriors persist until the spiderman warlord leads the army back to help, what are you going to do? “If

that’s the case, I will decisively withdraw back to the dense forest of Green Valley.” I turned my head and glanced at Earl Reyz, as the captain of a structured team in the Prince James’ Guards, and as a second-rounder. The strong, Earl Ryze’s rigorous attitude towards every battle I admire very much.

I 南京龙凤网 think maybe because this battle is joined by the two princesses, Li and Ledie, he will let him walk on thin ice!

I said to him: “Don’t worry! As long as there are ancient war trees and tree spirits help, those spider warriors don’t want to catch up with us easily. Even if the situation finally develops to that state, I am sure to escape back to safety. ”

Earl Ramirez frowning asked me:”? that magic 南京桑拿会所网 bolt shot out of those how are you going to do to get it back “?

“, etc., when the fate of the battle, it wants to win another one to come back! “I did not mind when he said.

Then he added another sentence: “But don’t worry! Since I have used the magic crossbow bolts, this battle is not so easy to lose.” When

I talked to Earl Ry


ds were very vague, Hiram and Josenna did not listen.

Qige raised her eyebrows, squinted her eyes like a sly fox, and asked Lucia softly, “What did you say?”

Lucia turned the soul’s blue eyes, and the smile on her face was sweeter, but This time she tried to slow down as much as possible so that all of us could hear her clearly: “I mean, I finally know why you insisted on choosing Ji Jia to join our team!”

The aroma that came out of the plate was floating. Far away, it seems that even Le Die, who was squatting on the side of the stream thinking about things, couldn’t help but slightly wrinkled her nose. The dragon lay quietly on the pebble beach, with the huge dragon head close to Le. Butterfly’s calf, put on a lazy look like sleeping.

It seems that there are really some problems between Le Die and William. William, 南京夜生活spa论坛 who is sitting with other members of the Dragon Society, looks a little evasive when facing Le Die, while Le Die has a cold face and eyes. His eyes were extremely cold.

In fact, just now, I saw William leaning next to Le Die, seemingly trying to explain something, but when Le Die asked him a question, his face turned red from choking, so I had to sit down beside the campfire and joined the deputy agency. Chang is chatting with new members of the club.

The atmosphere in the Dragon Society team gradually became enthusiastic, but Le Die sitting by the stream was set off, looking extremely lonely. At this time, I was afraid that I didn’t even eat dinner.

Lucia saw Le Die’s abnormal emotions and wanted to jump over the creek to ask about it, but Le Die stopped her with her eyes.

She was still such a 南京桑拿按摩网 proud imperial princess, with long golden hair fluttering in the evening wind in the forest.

At this time, her complexion has recovered a lot, after all, she is already a knight who has successfully completed the first transfer, and her physique must not be too bad, and she has a certain recovery ability.

Knights have always been known for the balance of various physical attribut


in front of it with a strange expression. Where did she learn aristocratic etiquette since she was a child, she had dealt with these indigenous people, originally thought they were a bit pitiful, but now it is indeed difficult to accept the young goblin’s practices because of the different living habits. In Yingli’s view, the young goblin’s doing this is very 南京龙凤论坛 Unsanitary and very rude.

Helena stood aside and pulled Yingli’s sleeve to indicate that she might leave.

The young goblins sat there, looking a little restrained, some of them were afraid to serve the broth in the wooden bowl.

Yingli’s easygoing temperament, being pulled by Helena, followed her to leave. Before leaving, Helena threw a piece of oatmeal to the young 南京桑拿按摩网 goblin, was quickly caught by the goblin, and directly took a big bite on the oatmeal, then closed her eyes, revealing a very enjoyable look . Chewing the sweet oatmeal.

After we finished this meal, when we were about to enter the tent to rest, we discovered that the young goblin who had been hiding behind the stone had disappeared.

Hank also cursed and said: “These stupid no-brain goblins.”

Every time you take a break in the wild, 南京夜生活spa论坛 you need to arrange a person in charge of guarding. Generally, this kind of thing is best at ranger apprentices, but Dahl obviously needs a little more rest. I was just about to say: I’ll be on duty first. Unexpectedly, the female magic apprentice Tereza, who has been taciturn, said to all of us: “Let me come, it just so happens that I need to get acquainted with each other with Rock Goren!” 南京桑拿会所

Hank thought for a moment, then nodded and agreed. The ranger apprentice in their team said: “Reid, you will sleep for a while, and you will come in the second half.”

“Okay, boss.” The game readily agreed, and quickly put away the tableware, and quickly got into the tent. rest.

Someone got into their tents one after another. Obviously, everyone was exhausted by the high-intensity fighting. It was just a moment of effort, and 南京桑拿会所网 there was a slight snorin


ee the world over there?”

I clicked Nodded, and then said to him: “But not 南京桑拿楼凤网 now, I have to go back to Juyan to pick up two teammates. They were slightly injured before, and maybe they are almost better now, waiting to take an adventure with us! “To be continued.

103. Rescue the Wounded

In the territory of Sroit Province, only the depths of the Purple Mountains can still have traces of Warcraft. If the adventure group in Slaughter wants to kill some monsters in 南京夜生活论坛 exchange for gold coins, there are usually three ways:

One, rush to Ziqing Mountain City, after some refurbishment, enter the depths of the mountains of the Ziqing Mountain, where you may find some monsters hiding in the mountains.

Second, go to Xinghai City, take a large sea boat in Xinghai City, and enter the northern part of the endless sea. The sea will always be the place with the most beasts, but sailing is more dangerous. Only those gamblers or desperados who owe a lot of debts Will make money in this desperate way.

Third, the last way is to cross the White Elephant River and enter the wasteland outside the northernmost territory of the Green Empire. You can walk north for ten days from here to reach the edge of the ice and snow tundra. There are many ice monsters living here, but The barbarians here are 南京桑拿按摩网 far more terrifying than Warcraft.

It is not an easy task for the adventure group in Slaughter to hunt the monsters. Therefore, all kinds of materials on Warcraft can sell for a good price in Sloit City. The northerners of the Green Empire especially liked eating meat. They believed that regular consumption of meat from the beasts could change the physique and make the entity stronger. Such a hobby 南京桑拿会所 made the fresh meat of the beasts have a market in the north.

The students of Ayr City War College, some children from aristocratic families, often see some exquisite dishes made of precious beast meat on the table. The value of these saber-toothed tiger meat is passed down from their mouths. Ordinary children, when they hear tha