cy and said, “Let you invite Elendt over. Let’s have dinner together, what about the others?”

“He is on duty tonight.” Tracy said unconvincingly to Fanny’s question. 南京桑拿会所

She blew the bangs on her forehead and gave Fanny a guilty look.

“Hehe, can the patrol value not have to eat?” Fanny obviously didn’t intend to let Tracy go, so she questioned her.

In front of Fanny, Tracy, who has always been stubborn, looked like a lady.

Tracy rolled her eyes and said to Fanny: “Dinner is provided by the guards.”

She blinked at me, seeming to want 南京桑拿会所网 me to help her out. After knowing it, I immediately interrupted and asked: “Ai Lent’s military service is complete?”

Tracy gave me approving glances and said to me, “Well, I will return to Ayr in the summer, but he has joined the guard camp in Ayr.”

I wonder why Alante didn’t join. An excellent adventure group went out to experience, but joined the guard camp. I wondered to Tracy: “Why does he think so. Others joined 南京龙凤网 the guard camp to avoid going to the guard camp for three years. He joined at this time. What is the purpose of the guard camp?”

Tracy pursed her mouth slightly, and said helplessly: “I asked him the same way, and he told me: Someone must try to change, I don’t know what he wants to change. , I continued to ask him, but he refused to make it clear to me.”

I asked Tracy: “When are you going to have the wedding?” When

I asked, Tracy’s face was stained with a faint redness. Xia, with a shy look, bowed her head and said nothing.

Ryanter laughed and explained to me: “The two of them have always wanted you to come back to their wedding. They weren’t sure when you would return to El City, so there was no wedding ceremony, but since you’re back, then Just let Tracy and Ellente choose a date. ”

Unexpectedly, 南京桑拿夜网 they were waiting for me to come back. I looked at Tracy with a touch of emotion and found that Tracy has changed a lot recently and has become more and more active. Feminine.

Tracy teased the broken hair in her ears, but unfortunately he


he seemed to be about to collapse, without any confidence.

The magic pattern structure on the halberd shield is woven into a net in my spirit sea a little bit, becoming clearer and clearer. This is the first time I have seen three parallel core charms on a magic pattern structure. The magical powers of the core runes are preserved, and at the same time, the three runes are intertwined to derive new magical effects. The inherent magical effects should increase physical strength, increase the resistance of four elements of magic, and reduce magic damage.

In the most hidden corner behind this shield, I found a line of ancient elves carved here: Ancient Oath.

This side is almost the magic pattern-built shield that shield fighters dream of.

Just when I felt 南京龙凤论坛 that I had remembered all the magic patterns on this shield in my heart, I found that many Ghana people had gathered in front of this statue. These Ghana people stared angrily and were about to stick to the shield. Of me, those eyes are about to kill people.

I smiled at the Great Wizard 南京夜生活spa论坛 Zampra and quickly slipped off the halberd shield.

The Great Wizard Zampra took a deep look at me, then turned his head and said to Yingli: “I have prepared a dinner for the princess.”

The exit of this hero’s hall is directly teleported to the arch under the magic tower. In front of the moon gate, a group of us walked out of the moon gate and found that we had just walked out of the 100-meter stone steps of the magic high platform. The hot fire on the magic high tower outside had darkened a lot, and a group of silver armor 南京龙凤网 stood on the street. Guards of Jana, the number of these silver guards is obviously several times more than in the morning.

The silver guards saw us coming out of the magic tower library, as if they had been prepared, they quickly surrounded us.

In this way, he returned to the new home under the protection of hundreds of Jana guards from the Silver Guards.


The exit of this hero’s hall of casting shield was directly transmitte


plied: ” Each crossbow arrow has two gold coins plus fifty silver coins.”

Earl Ryze sighed and said to me: “In this battle, every two giant crossbows shot by the barbarian warriors is equivalent to throwing out a magic spar. Even if they win, they are piled with magic spar. Get up!”

Then he said: “Have you ever thought that once you can’t win the battle, the giant crossbow arrows that you shoot can’t be recovered, you are equivalent to throwing a huge sum of 南京桑拿按摩网 money on the battlefield for nothing? How many battles can you afford to lose with the magic spar?”

Before I could answer, Earl Ryze said to me again: “Even if the Spider-Man Warlord is led out of the camp with half of the Spider-Man warriors, but ask me to estimate , There are still no less than two thousand spiderman warriors and tens of thousands of giant spiders in this spider camp. If once the spiderman 南京龙凤论坛 warriors persist until the spiderman warlord leads the army back to help, what are you going to do? “If

that’s the case, I will decisively withdraw back to the dense forest of Green Valley.” I turned my head and glanced at Earl Reyz, as the captain of a structured team in the Prince James’ Guards, and as a second-rounder. The strong, Earl Ryze’s rigorous attitude towards every battle I admire very much.

I 南京龙凤网 think maybe because this battle is joined by the two princesses, Li and Ledie, he will let him walk on thin ice!

I said to him: “Don’t worry! As long as there are ancient war trees and tree spirits help, those spider warriors don’t want to catch up with us easily. Even if the situation finally develops to that state, I am sure to escape back to safety. ”

Earl Ramirez frowning asked me:”? that magic 南京桑拿会所网 bolt shot out of those how are you going to do to get it back “?

“, etc., when the fate of the battle, it wants to win another one to come back! “I did not mind when he said.

Then he added another sentence: “But don’t worry! Since I have used the magic crossbow bolts, this battle is not so easy to lose.” When

I talked to Earl Ry


ed the daffodils in the water bottle on the writing desk, and sat quietly on the chair by the bed with his head hanging down and did not speak. At this time, it was 南京桑拿夜网 Bei. Ji and Helena leaned in front of me. Becky was wearing a cool short skirt and crystal sandals. Her snow-white skin and big green wavy hair made her look more fashionable than the most fashionable dress in Ayr. , Especially she has the graceful figure of a golden ratio succubus, and she has a sweet scent of locust tree flowers when she leaned into my face.

She leaned down and looked at me lying on the bed carefully. The exquisite white collarbone and round and tender shoulders were close at hand. I could even see her half-naked breasts clearly and deeply under her suspender skirt. His face was a little red, but he couldn’t help but glanced more. Becky has always been dressed bold and avant-garde. She smiled faintly, and then said to me: “Jie Jia, it is rumored that you are hurt very badly. Only when I see you, I feel 江苏桑拿论坛 relieved. It seems that your resilience is as good as before. !”

Helena sat on the side of my bed, and then gently lifted the thin white quilt with her hand. I was only wearing a cool linen pajamas. Because the weather was too hot, the sword wound on my abdomen just happened to be crusted. Healing, it will not stain the quilt with blood stains, so all the sultry hemostatic 南京龙凤网 bandages have been removed by me. Helena’s tender fingers like white onions are cool and delicate, and I always feel a little itchy on my belly. , She carefully lifted the hem of my pajamas, leaving my belly with a little trace of abdominal muscles. My figure looked a little thin. I saw a one-inch-long scab in my abdomen, following me. His breath goes up and down.

Helena raised her clear and bright eyes and asked me softly, “Does it still hurt?” 南京桑拿楼凤网

I shook my head slightly. Yes, I have been traveling with the caravan in the dwarf country since I was a child and have seen many more tragic scenes. A small injury is nothing at all to me who has the phy


Too great, after all, I still have to estimate the face, but this time Yerkes chooses an assistant, and I also ask everyone to give it convenience. If this child can’t do it, immediately let the fire magic apprentice with the awakening magic talent come up.” Old magic scholar In the end, the decision was made.

The beautiful dividing line

I never thought that I would be talked about by the magicians in the laboratory as a topic, and someone would take me as a bet and win money.

I knocked on the door of Yerkes’ laboratory for a long time, and no one answered me, so I decided to push the door and walk in directly, and I found Yerkes sitting on the test bench next to the trash mountain. He buried his head deeply, and was carefully watching the magic lines on this metal plate with a magnifying glass. He didn’t seem to notice anyone coming in. I didn’t dare to disturb him, but he looked good, except 南京龙凤网 that there was a layer of black and gray on his face, and the magic robe was crumpled. It seemed that these were caused by the explosion in the morning Fortunately, people didn’t suffer any harm. It seems that his inconspicuous magic robe is still very defensive.

The room is even more messy.

I first organized the bookshelf, swept the entire bookshelf thoroughly, and carefully cleaned the dust on the magic book. At this time, the leatherwork that Uncle Fred taught me on the wasteland seemed very useful, because almost all of these magic books were made of magic parchment, which cannot be wiped directly with a wet cloth. Otherwise, the dust floating on the surface of the book will be completely stuck to the magic book. It will be extremely difficult to clean it up. You must use a dry feather duster to dust off the magic book, but it will get rid of it. The house was full 南京桑拿会所网 of dust, so I found a dry rag, wiped the books carefully a little bit, and sorted them out.

In the process of sorting out these magic books, I found that most of these magic books are books about magic inscriptions. These books are al


een carrying the emerald green longbow, if it weren’t for her to rescue me from the injury yesterday, I don’t know if I can stand here at this time!

The first words Yingli saw when I saw me was: “I was rushed home by the elders of my family last night, and I couldn’t say goodbye to you!”

“What does it matter? Yesterday was a bit too late, I didn’t know you had No injury!” I took the initiative to pull Yingli’s hand, but Yingli shyly hid it behind his back.

“It’s on the street!” Yingli’s face became extremely ruddy. She glanced at Fat Bobby with a shame, and then gently nodded at him. Bobby just stood there and smiled stupidly.

I want to buy a gun with a magic stimulating device and a dedication magic robe that can increase the casting speed. I 南京桑拿会所网 think it’s a little slow to cast the ice shield, and the defensive ice shield cannot keep up with my own rhythm. I just thought of buying a better magic robe to increase my spellcasting speed, but I walked through several magic shops in a row. They were all magic robes that looked exquisite, embroidered with exquisite gold embroidery, but inside the magic robe The magic pattern of the lining is more or less flawed, but due to the exquisite fabric of the magic robe and the exquisite workmanship, the price is extremely high, which is not what I like.

There are only eight gold coins in my purse. It seems that even buying a dedication suit is reluctant, and there is no money left to buy magic firearms made by dwarves. This makes me hesitate and touched the crazy alchemist several times. After thinking about the magic pocket that I 南京龙凤网 left, I decided not to use the money in it. The money in it, some precious magic materials, notes, etc., and I have to find time to share it with Yingli and the others. I don’t want to take it out at this time.

Maybe it’s because I saw that I went to a few shops and the magic robes I saw were extremely expensive. I kept picking and choosing, hesitating, and couldn’t decide which one to buy. Bobby thought it might be. The g